Pumpkin seed protein

Pumpkin seed protein

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What is Pumpkin seed protein?

Pumpkin seed protein comes from the mature seeds of pumpkin, a plant in the Cucurbitaceae family. Pumpkin seeds are rich in nutrients, containing about 50% fat and 30% to 40% protein. After defatting, the protein content of pumpkin seeds can reach more than 60%, and its protein is rich in amino acid composition, which is a good source of plant protein. Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is a natural pumpkin protein certified by the European Union and the U.S. organic, white-like to greenish-white fine powder, the content is generally greater than or equal to 60%, using the Kjeldahl method of detection.

Main components of Pumpkin seed protein

The high protein and dietary fiber content and low fat and sodium content of pumpkin seed protein make it the preferred choice among many plant-based proteins for those seeking to optimize their bodies and enhance their fitness. For dieters who need a low-calorie diet, replacing some of the protein in the diet with pumpkin seed protein not only reduces cholesterol and saturated fat intake but also achieves a balanced nutritional intake.

Applications of Pumpkin seed protein

1. Food: Pumpkin seed protein powder can be added directly to finished grains such as flour and corn flour as a nutritional supplement to make up for the shortage of essential amino acids (especially lysine) in cereals. It can also be used as an additive in baked goods to improve the flavor and nutritional composition of the product.

2. Meat products: Adding pumpkin seed protein powder to higher-grade meat products not only improves the texture and increases the flavor of meat products, but also increases the protein content and strengthens the vitamins.

3. Dairy products: Pumpkin seed protein powder is nutritionally complete and cholesterol-free.

4. Drink: Pumpkin seed powder was used as the research object, glutinous rice powder, japonica rice powder, and potato starch were used as auxiliary materials, and pumpkin seed powder was mixed and prepared to prepare a drink.

5. Health products: Pumpkin seed protein can be added directly to health products.

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