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Features & Benefits


100% Non-GMO ingredients


No allergen ingredients


No Gluten ingredients


Complies with EU Regulation

Novel Food

Complies with EU Novel Food


Be helpful for anti-aging

100% Plant-based​

Animal-free source
( Mushroom & Aspergillus Niger )

Antimicrobial & Antibacterials

Effective Against Harmful Bacterials

Environmetally Friendly

Bio-degradable Material for Environmentally Friendly

10 Types of Vegetal Chitosan

Please select the corresponding type 

according to your application field or specification requirements

Item Product Name Main Applications
GBS001 Acid Soluble Mushroom Chitosan 20-100cps Health supplement,Food Preservatives
GBS002 Acid Soluble Mushroom Chitosan 100-500cps Pharmaceuticals, Health Supplements
GBS003 Acid Soluble Mushroom Chitosan 500-1000cps Food Flocculant, Wound Care Products, Hemostatic Dressing
GBS004 Water Soluble Mushroom Chitosan Hydrochloride Skincare, Cosmetics, Haircare
GBS005 Water Soluble Mushroom Chitosan Oligosaccharide Health Medical Spray
GBS006 Acid Soluble Aspergillus Niger Chitosan Wine/Beverage Fining Agent
GBS007 Water Soluble Aspergillus Niger Chitosan Hydrochloride Cosmetic, Skincare, Haircare
GBS008 Water soluble Aspergillus Niger Chitosan Oligosaccharide Health Medical Spray
GBS009 High/Regular Density Aspergillus Niger Chitosan Weight-loss Capsule/Tablet, Fat Binder
GBS010 Water Soluble Mushroom Carboxymethyl Chitosan Growth/Tissue Regeneration, Wound Healing Dressing, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics etc.

Can Be Customized According to Your Specification

About Us

With the mission: To make everybody healthier by natural ingredients, Chibio Biotech has been focused on natural ingredients for over 8 years. 

Since its establishment, we’ve been engaged in manufacturing 100% Plant-based vegetal Chitosan ( source: mushroom, aspergillus niger), chitin-glucan and other natural ingredients for the industries: food, cosmetics, wine, plant-based meat, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplement, agriculture and others.

With ISO9001: 2015 & ISO22000:2018 & Halal & Kosher & Organic certificates, we have been focusing on product’s quality management, improvement and innovation which favored by customers all over the world. And we’re honored to cooperate with many TOP 500 companies for years.

Your health is our motivation, we are and will always be very happy to serve the global ingredients community.

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What is Vegan / Vegetal / Fungal Chitosan?

With the growing demands for plant-based non-animal ingredients, Fungal Chitosan, sourced from mushroom (oyster mushroom, White Button Mushroom named as agaricus bisporus) and aspergillus niger, was becoming one of the most potential plant-sourced ingredient.
Thanks to its properties: antimicrobial, antioxidant, 100% biodegradable, biocompatibility, fungal chitosan was widely used in novel food preservatives, plant-based meat, winemaking fining agent, cosmetics ( skincare, haircare), fat binder, food supplement, wound dressing , pharmaceuticals, bioplastics, agriculture and other fields.


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