Microcurrent Facial Mask

Microcurrent Facial Mask

Microcurrent facial mask cloth is a facial mask with microelectric technology. It uses microcurrent introduction technology to open skin channels and continuously release microcurrent (safety current), effectively improving skin permeability and prompting various active ingredients to quickly enter the deep layers of the skin.

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What is microcurrent facial mask?

Microcurrent facial mask is a facial mask with microelectric technology. It uses microcurrent introduction technology to open skin channels and continuously release microcurrent (safety current), effectively improving skin permeability and prompting various active ingredients to quickly enter the deep layers of the skin.

What effect does it have comparing traditional facial mask?

2 major effects in skincare: Penetration-promoting effect, Transdermal absorption.

As we all know, the most fundamental function of the skin is defense, not absorption.  It is precisely because of this that the absorption of skin care products cannot reach the dermis, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of skin care products. A famous skin care expert once said: For a skin care product that costs USD $100 , only USD$1 may actually be absorbed by the skin.

In additional, traditional cosmetics are actually difficult to achieve deep hydration because of their poor penetration effect. Another reason for skin sagging, aging and collapse is the loss of nutrients deep in the skin.

However, the emergence of microcurrent introduction technology has completely changed this situation. The use of microcurrent technology can increase the permeability of water and nutrients, allowing them to penetrate deeply into the bottom layer of the skin, thereby forming a skin barrier at the bottom of the skin to absorb nutrients and resist external aggression.

What are the application fields?

  1. Skincare facial mask patch: The electric ions generated by microcurrent can penetrate deeply into the skin, replenishing the skin’s moisture and making it moisturized, smooth and soft. Not only that, electrical stimulation penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue and into the muscles, helping to repair the elastic fibers and gelatinous tissue of the skin, thus stretching and reducing wrinkles.
  2. Wound treatment: Microcurrent technology can use gel or emulsion as a carrier to penetrate deep into the skin to deliver drugs, promote skin regeneration, accelerate wound healing, and inhibit the recurrence of inflammation.
  3. Chronic wound care: Microcurrent membrane cloth can be used for skin repair after medical aesthetic surgery, recovery after laser physiotherapy, micro-plastic surgery and other care.
  4. Plaster: Microcurrent technology can be used on plasters to accelerate the elimination of epidermal pain and promote the absorption of ointments.

Generally speaking, microcurrent technology uses electrical signals to stimulate deep into subcutaneous tissue and blood vessels, which can enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement, restore skin elasticity and other functions, accelerate blood circulation of microvessels, enhance cell permeability, and make nutrients available. Effectively supplies muscle tissue and skin.

What is the working mechanism?

1. Theoretical basis: Damage Current Theory
In 1961, Robert Becker published his research in the world’s famous journal (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery): the starting engine for post-traumatic regeneration in animals and humans comes from direct current regeneration signals flowing along the nerves. This research earned him two Nobel Prize nominations.

2. Mechanism of action

Microcurrent accelerates wound healing

(1)Increasing BMP6 (bone morphogenetic protein 6), an important growth factor,which regulates cell proliferation, differentiation, and tissue shaping.

(2) Downregulation of nuclear factor KB activity to reduce the release of inflammatory mediators.

(3) Upregulation of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) mRNA to stimulate endothelial cell migration, proliferation, and division.

(4) Increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to provide energy and accelerate metabolism for locally damaged tissues, thereby reducing inflammation near the wound, promoting vascular regeneration, and accelerating the process of wound epithelialization.

Microcurrent Transderma Delivery

Under the action of microcurrent, the stratum corneum exhibits discontinuity in arrangement, widening of intercellular gaps, and widen- ing of hair follicle. Drugs or skin care ingredient can penetrate through the stratum corneum lipid cells and hair follicle channels simultane- ously, improving the transdermal quantity and rate of drugs or skin care ingredient.

3. Technical descriptions (Ex. Skincare facial mask uses)

The product consists of two parts: a facial mask cloth with two discharge fibers and a bag of sealed liquid dressing. After the liquid dressing is fully immersed in the non-woven fabric, the primary battery begins to discharge, producing a micro current of about 0.1-2.0mA. After reaching its peak in 0-20 minutes, the current gradually drops back. The recommended application time of this mask is 15 minutes.

4. Technical Advantage

    (1) Mature production process

Using fiber based primary batteries, no external power supply is required. After conducting with the skin, it releases a micro current of 100-2000uA automatically, with a continuous discharge time of about 1 hour.

    (2) Self discharge technology

Capable of large-scale production with high cost controllability

    (3) High performance adapt

Supports liquid various with functions such as wrinkle removal, whitening, repair, etc., fully exerting the skincare effect in a micro current environment.

    (4) High materials adaptability

It can be combined with various non-woven fabrics to produce self discharge fabrics, with stable performance, controllable size and current value, and easy cutting.

    (5) Good fit with skin

It fits well with the skin and provides users with a comfortable experience.

5. Electric Field Distribution Diagram of Microcurrent Facial Mask Cloth

To put it simply, microcurrent membrane cloth is a carrier tool. In addition to oil without ion channels, liquids such as cream, gel, or water can be used. Its purpose is to deliver nutrients/medicine from the solution deep into the skin through microcurrent.

How does it feel on your skin?

The feeling on the upper face varies depending on the thickness of the individual’s cuticles. Thin ones may sting a little, but it’s acceptable. We’ve tried to make it as gentle as possible. If your stratum corneum is thick, you won’t feel it at all, just like a normal mask.

In fact, the stratum corneum of the skin is a resistor. If the resistance of the dry or thick stratum corneum is high, the current passing through it will be small and the sensation will be small. On the contrary, if the stratum corneum of the moist or thin layer has a low resistance, the passing current will be larger. In current-intensive areas, The local feel will be a little more obvious.

In addition, we have conducted user tests and found that more than 98% of people cannot feel the current, or even if they feel it, it is 100% completely acceptable.

How effective is it?

How to use?

Generally speaking, just soak the microcurrent membrane cloth in the formula solution for 1-2 minutes until the membrane cloth is completely absorbed by the solution before use. Of course, you can use a universal ammeter to test the current, which is about 200-2000 microamps 0.2-2mA, which is safe for human body current. the current allowed by the human body can generally be within 10mA, 1mA=1000μA)

For companies such as cosmetic masks, wound treatments, and plasters, you only need to soak the microcurrent membrane cloth in the company’s solution formula, and then you can use it.

For individual consumers, after getting the mask with the solution and membrane separated, you only need to do two steps: squeeze and apply to use.

Step 1: Squeeze: Use your hands to squeeze all the solution into the microcurrent membrane cloth next to it, so that all the solution is soaked in the membrane cloth;

Step 2: Apply: Take out the soaked mask and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Deep skin care and nutrient absorption will be completed, giving you a younger feeling.


Can it be customized?

Patterns and sizes can be customized according to customer applications and requirements. Any pattern can be used, we can do according to the offered materials and shapes. At the same time, the size can also be cut according to customer’s application.

What are the R&D capabilities and patents?


Welcome to all cosmetics companies, wound care businesses, plaster manufacturers, as well as beauty bloggers, beauticians, individual consumers, and especially those looking to create your own facial mask brand through OEM or ODM collaborations.

We invite you to reach out to us at any time to obtain samples for testing. Let’s harness the power of microcurrent technology together to usher in a new era of youthfulness and beauty.

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