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1.What is Beta Glucan?

Glucan refers to a homopolysaccharide composed of glucose as a monosaccharide, and glucose units are linked by glycosidic bonds. Among them, alpha-glucan and beta-glucan can be further classified according to the type of glycosidic bond.

Dextran has the most physiological activity of β-glucan. In the 1940s, Dr. Pillemer first discovered and reported that a substance in the yeast cell wall has an immune-enhancing effect. Later, after further research by Dr. Diluzio of the University of Tulum, the immune-enhancing substance in the yeast cell wall was a polysaccharide, β-glucan, which was isolated from baker’s yeast.

The β-glucan active structure is a polysaccharide composed of glucose units, most of which are bound by β-1,3, which is a glucose chain linkage. It activates macrophages and neutrophils, thereby increasing the levels of leukocytes, cytokinins and specific antibodies, and fully stimulating the body’s immune system. Then, the body is more prepared to fight the diseases caused by microorganisms. Β-glucan can quickly restore the normal ability of the body’s lymphocytes to produce cytokines (IL-1), effectively regulating the body’s immune function.

A large number of experiments have shown that β-glucan can promote the production of IgM antibodies in vivo to improve humoral immunity. This glucan-activated cell stimulates the host’s non-specific defense mechanism, so it has attracted much attention in tumors, infectious diseases and therapeutic wounds. Extracted by special procedures and without endotoxin β-1,3 glucan has been identified as a safe substance in the US FDA and can be added to general foods. Many reports show that mice are orally administered yeast β-1,3 glucan. Increase the antibacterial phagocytosis of strong peritoneal cells.

Yeast Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide with enhanced immunity activity in the yeast cell wall, β-glucan. Β-glucan is widely found in various fungi and plants, such as mushrooms, ganoderma lucidum, and oats, and is a main substance for their health effects. The yeast glucan has stronger immunopotentiating activity and has the functions of improving blood lipids and anti-radiation, and improving intestinal function.

2.Types of Beta Glucan:

Beta-glucan is the polysaccharide with the highest cell wall content of Candida albicans. According to the solubility of β-glucan, it can be classified into insoluble and soluble β-glucan, wherein the soluble β-glucan includes alkali-soluble and acid-soluble glucan.

According to the difference in sugar chain structure, β-(1→3)-glucan and β-(l→6)-glucan can be classified. Methylation and CNMR analysis demonstrated that the acid-soluble glucan is derived from yeast, mycelium and mycelial forming cells and is a highly branched 1→4 chain-linked polymer. Insoluble glucan in yeast cell and mycelial cell wall consists of a mixture of 30% to 40% β-(1→3)-glucan and 43% to 53% β-(1→6)-glucan composition.


Type: Beta 1,3. Beta 1,6.  D Glucan 20%, 50%, 70%, 80%, 85%.


3.Specification of Beta Glucan:


4.Benefits & Applications of Beta Glucan

As we all know, baker’s yeast is a single-celled microorganism with about 50% protein, high amino acid content, rich in B vitamins, rich in enzymes and a variety of physiologically active substances with high economic value.

Thousands of years ago, humans used bread yeast to ferment bread and alcohol. In the modern food industry, it is widely used as an excellent starter and nutrient for human staple bread, taro, steamed buns, biscuits and other foods. With the development of biotechnology, scientists have extracted a substance called “Beta Glucan” from the cell wall of baker’s yeast. It has good function and can be widely used in the food industry. It is reported that it has the following remarkable effects:



  • Various foods additives, such as: meat products, dairy products, biscuits, beverages, raw materials in juice;
  • Can reduce the body’s cholesterol content, can reduce the body’s low-density lipoprotein content, and increase the content of high-density lipoprotein.


  • Health foods and pharmaceutical raw materials to enhance immunity, remove toxins, resist radiation, repair cells, regulate blood lipids, and assist in the treatment of tumors; The active structure of β-glucan is a polysaccharide composed of glucose units, which can activate macrophages, neutrophils, etc., thereby increasing the content of leukocytes, cytokinins and specific antibodies, and fully stimulating the body’s immunity. system.
  • Improve the body’s ability to resist infections such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Effectively adjust the micro-ecology of the digestive tract in the body, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the body and the excretion of harmful substances in the intestines.
  • Effectively improve the feeling of insulin in peripheral tissues, reduce the requirement for insulin, promote the return of glucose to normal, and have obvious inhibition and prevention effects on diabetes.
  • Various cosmetic raw materials, such as: shampoo, shower gel, mask, hand cream, hand soap, facial cleanser, etc.; Stimulate skin cell activity, enhance the skin’s own immune protection function, effectively repair the skin, reduce skin wrinkles, delay skin aging.
  • As a feed additive, it can help livestock, ruminants, aquatic products, poultry and other animals to improve immunity and reduce heavy metals. Enhance the animal’s resistance to pathogens, promote its growth, and improve animal performance and feed utilization.
  • Yeast beta-glucan has potential efficacy in preventing wound spoilage, radiation damage, tumor radiation, and pathogenic infections.

According to research, yeast glucan is mainly present in the cell wall of yeast, and its main chain is β(1→3) glucan and the side chain is β(1→6) glucan. This structure is different from ordinary sugar. The linear molecular structure of the class, but a unique triple-heavy spiral structure. Its special ultra-micro spiral molecular structure is the most immunologically active and most easily absorbed by the body.

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