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Oat protein

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Oats are considered to be one of the highest sources of protein in grains. The properties of oat proteins are unique, unique among cereal proteins, and they are suitable for gluten-free products. Oat Protein is an active protein for skin care and cleansing developed from natural high-quality oat protein using bioenzyme technology. Oats are rich in nutritional active ingredients, mainly oat dietary fiber, oat beta-glucans, oat protein, oat antioxidant substances and oat fat. The research of oat protein is mostly for the extraction process mostly seen in the field of food and skin care.

Oat bran has the highest protein content of 19.42%, of which the fat content is 10.57%, starch content is 49.54%, water content is 7.74%, ash content is 3.40% and others are 9.33%. Oat protein content in oat bran is the highest, good nutritional value, is a high-quality protein, can be used as a health food on the step of research and development, but also as a natural cosmetic efficacy additive further development, its efficacy mainly lies in the role of nourishing soft skin, smoothing, and mild and non-stimulating, used in various types of skin.

Oat protein as an excellent raw material has the following advantages.

1、Natural and organic oat protein has excellent moisturizing properties and slows down skin moisture loss.

2、Contains rich amino acid group, replenishes skin nutrition and creates healthy skin texture.

3, contains oats unique anti-allergy and anti-itch ingredients, can effectively prevent and alleviate skin allergy phenomenon.

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