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Gikgo Biloba Extract

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What is Gikgo Biloba Extract?
Ginkgo biloba is a popular supplement and one of the top-selling herbal medicines. Ginkgo biloba extract is collected from the dried green leaves of the plant and is available as liquid extracts, capsules, and tablets. People use it for a variety of reasons.

The therapeutic properties of the ginkgo plant are said to include treatment for blood disorders and memory problems, enhancement of cardiovascular function and to improve eye health.

Also known as the maidenhair tree, ginkgo is one of the oldest species of tree in the world. The trees can grow more than 130 feet tall and can live for over 1,000 years. Some trees in China are said to be over 2,500 years old.

The tree is considered to be a “living fossil”, meaning that it has continued to survive even after major extinction events.

The extract can be taken as a supplement, and the dried leaves of the plant can be used to make tea.

Ginkgo biloba extract is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The active constituents are mainly ginkgo flavonoids and ginkgo biloba lactones. Among them, gingko flavonoids mainly include quercetin, kaempferol and isoflavone. Prime. Ginkgo biloba internal lipids mainly include ginkgolides A, B, C, J, M, and Biloba lactone.

Ginkgo biloba extract has anti-oxidative activity, cardiovascular activity, anti-inflammatory activity and anti-tumor activity.

It can dilate the cerebral blood vessels and arteries, and also has a good protective effect on microvessels, effectively preventing vascular vascular occlusion. Blood lipids, hypertension, diabetes and other symptoms have a good preventive effect, indirectly reducing the incidence of common eye diseases (cataracts, glaucoma, vitreous opacity, retinopathy, diabetes and other common eye diseases), can effectively purify the blood It strengthens blood vessels, prevents heart disease, and is effective against brain disorders, anti-aging, and cancer prevention.


In the last 10 years, American consumers have been using Ginkgo biloba products as a health food to prevent stroke and coronary heart disease. According to a recent report in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers in the Department of Medicine at Oregon State University in the United States have found that oral ginkgo leaf preparations for the elderly over 65 years of age can effectively prevent memory degradation and Alzheimer’s disease

Fast facts about Ginkgo biloba

  • Gingko biloba is a top-selling supplement containing an extract that comes from a tree.
  • It may help with cognitive function.
  • Traditional uses include soothing a bladder infection and increasing sexual energy.





Yellow Brown




Fine Powder


Identical to R.S. sample



Sieve analysis

100 % through 80 mesh

Loss on Drying

≤5.0 %

Total Ash

≤10.0 %

Bulk density

40~60 g/100mL

Tap density




Ginkgo biloba may offer a range of health benefits, including improving cognitive function. Traditional uses are wide-ranging, but not all of them have been confirmed by research.

1.Memory enhancement, dementia, and Alzheimer’s

The benefits may include:

  • improved thinking and memory
  • better social behavior
  • better ability to perform everyday tasks

One study found that an extract of ginkgo biloba, known as EGb 761, was clinically effective in treating Alzheimer’s dementia.


Ginkgo may help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.

A study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research7 found that people with generalized anxiety disorder who took ginkgo experienced better anxiety relief than those who took a placebo.

However, people who take Xanax for anxiety should not use ginkgo, because ginkgo may reduce the drug’s effectiveness.

3. Glaucoma

One small study observed improvements in the vision of people with glaucoma who took 120 milligrams a day of gingko over a period of 8 weeks. Some studies have also suggested that gingko may help people with macular degeneration to keep their sight for longer.

4.Raynaud’s disease

People with Raynaud’s disease who took gingko for 10 weeks experienced fewer symptoms than those who took a placebo.

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