Vegetal Vegan Fungal Mushroom Aspergillus Niger Chitin-glucan

Bring new evolutional option to the winemaking industry and winemakers

What is Chitin-glucan?

Chitin-glucan is initially extracted and purified from the mushroom or mycelium of Aspergillus niger. Our Mushroom Chitin-glucan in the wine industry brings new evolutional options to the winemaking industry and winemakers. It’s obtained from the mushroom, or aspergillus niger. Fungal Chitin-glucan is a natural polymer.

Chitin-glucan is composed of polysaccharides chitin (repeat units N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) and 1,3-ß-glucan (repeat unit D-glucose). The two polymers are covalently connected and form a three-dimensional network. The chitin/glucan ratio ranges from 25:75 to 60:40 (m/m), the regular type is 60:40.

It is used as a fining agent of musts during racking in order to reduce colloid content and cloudiness. It is also used for stabilizing wines prior to bottling after alcoholic fermentation. This polymer has a stabilizing capacity with respect to ferric breakages. It also helps eliminate undesirable compounds such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium), mycotoxins, etc.

Chitin-glucan has many industrial applications, such as in the food, cosmetics, and textiles industries, because they can be prepared easily without toxins. As food additives, they are commonly used due to their ability to absorb heavy metal ions.

Fungal Chitin-glucan for Wine

For wine treatment, the use limit for chitin-glucan is a maximum of 100 g/hl. Application areas: 

a) Reduction of heavy metal content, in particular, iron, lead, cadmium, and copper: 100g/hL max 

b) Prevention of the ferric case, and copper case: 100g/hl max 

For wine treatment, the use limit for chitin-glucan is a maximum of 100 g/hl. 

c) Reduction of possible contaminants, in particular, ochratoxin: 500 g/hL max 

d) Reduction of populations of undesirable microorganisms, in particular Brettanomyces, by treatment with chitosan alone: 10 g/hL max Requirements: The doses to be used are determined after preliminary testing. Sediments are eliminated by physical processes.

Advantages of Chitin-Glucan
  1. It’s 100% animal-free, non-GMO and non-allergic Chitin-glucan.
  2. It’s safe for people who are allergic to crustacean sources and Vegan.
  3. Chitin-glucan comes with a proven track record of success.
  4. Chitin-glucan comes in the form of a white, odorless, and flavorless powder.
  5. Chitin-glucan is almost completely insoluble in an aqueous or organic medium.

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