Fat Binder for Weight-loss Management

Posted on Oct 15,2018 / views

Fungal/Vegetal chitosan is a type of revolutionary fiber for body mass management by reducing fat absorption and inducing satiety sensation.

This fiber, extracted from a type of fungus( mushroom/aspergillus niger ), has the ability to bind fat up to 800 times its weight.


Once in the stomach, Chitosan encompasses fat, preventing them from entering the bloodstream and eliminating them as toxic residues. In this way, Chitosan reduces fat intake with effect on body mass and cholesterol levels.

Vegetal chitosan, unlike that obtained from crustaceans, is up to 33% more efficient, with a low dissolution time and a higher fat absorption capacity.



  • helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
  • reduces fat absorption
  • helps to induce satiety Sensation


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