Company Profile

Chibio Biotech has been focused on natural ingrediets for over 6 years. Since its establishment, Chibio Biotech
is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of well-characterized Non-animal Chitosan, Hyaluronic acid, pharmaceuticals,
cosmetics raw materials and other natural ingredients.


Chibio Biotech has been focusing on product's quality management, improvement and innovation which
favored by customers all over the world. Our Products have been widely used for cosmetics, health care products,
diet supplement, wine making, food fresh keeping, textile, agriculture, water treatment and other fields. We have
exported products to United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Korea, Switzerland
and other countries.


We are happy to serve the global ingredients community!

Chibioi Biotech
has a sound quality management system with strict quality control standards. To ensure the high
quality of products, we take strict control on each process, from the raw materials to the production. Our products
are supported with safety reports, third part certificates(ISO & COSHER),  clinical data(from customers), professional
essays and TCM theories. We have professional R&D team who can supply our customers with industrial mature
and record-keeping products, guided by market demands to match and create the needs of customers all over the world. 

Factory Workshop

Extraction Process


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